I’m Danny. I’m also an SEO and Digital Marketer (try not to hold it against me)

I’m straightforward. Honest. Most of all though, I try and steer clear of that agency crap. You know, that vague nonsensical jargon that gets used to explain your results (or lackof). As George Carlin once said, “It’s all bullshit folks, and it’s bad for ya”.

So I aim to be different. I don’t wear a suit, I do expect to be held to things like results and I understand that with your money comes a responsibility for me to be contactable. I don’t have a 24/7 hour hotline, but you won’t catch me avoiding you either.

The main thing about using somebody like me instead of an agency, is the fact that I’ll explain what we are going to do and why we are doing it. I don’t need to be vague (I’m confident in what I know). I don’t lack details. And I don’t leave you sitting in your office thinking “I don’t really understand what is happening”. Unless you want to be confused, then I can always knock the dust off the jargon sheet.

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"If you want someone who knows their onions and communicates clearly without LinkedIn sales patter, get in touch with Danny Andrews."

Stuart Walton, Get Pro Copy LTD

A few more details

I try and focus on the things which I know will work on delivering you traffic and customers. This means I won’t charge 2 days for knocking 0.0001 seconds off your page speed and I won’t add alt text to the 5000 images on your website. What I will do though is…

Focus on the user

Where possible, let’s avoid blindly marketing. Instead, we can get a plan together based around keywords that mean something to your bottom line. The competition can spend cash on the vanity rankings (high traffic, very, very low new custom), you can take the money and growth instead.

Get our story straight

The websites your customers read want content, they just want it to be good. I promise you that great stories can be told in any industry, they just need packaging right. Speaking of packaging, I’ve actually gotten a lot of coverage in that area too.

Implement a paid strategy

Most of Googles billions are made through their PPC adverts, and that’s because they work. And socially, Facebook has been outed as knowing everything from the size of my head (it’s big) to my favourite beer (no comment). We can use both, and the others, to use the data they have and target your audience quickly and directly. When done right you’ll also get cheaper bids and more conversions.

It’s good to talk

If you’d rather I got back to you a bit more prepared, then feel free to use the form to the right. You can also just give me a ring/ email directly from the contact details in the footer.

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