Who on earth am I?

Ok, fair point.

My name is Danny, which isn’t short for Daniel, my mum just liked it when I was born. Apparently, there was a nice man at her school called “Danny”, I don’t ask questions about that.

I’m a Yorkshire lad and have lived in Sheffield for most of my 30 years.

Having worked within some great agencies, from SEO executive to content strategist, link builder and PR to finally setting up and running my own department, I have seen the broad range of what works and what doesn’t within agencies.

So I came out on my own, to help businesses understand that SEO and digital isn’t a language you’ll never understand, rather a set of thought processes which you most certainly can.

Being freelance gives significant benefits to clients, the main one is accountability. I am the one who plans the work and I am the one responsible for the implementation, no agency buck-passing or anonymity within departments. I stand by my methods and will see them through.

The journey so far

  • November 2010

    Enter the digital arena. Begin working at a graphic design and print brokerage, teach myself SEO because the thought of cold calling forever troubles me.

  • May 2012

    Now fully involved in SEO and begin to get some really good first placed rankings for the business. Traffic increases massively, sales do not. Once the tears had subsided, I learnt a valuable lesson – its not all about glory keywords (they tend not to convert!)

  • October 2014

    Begin working at an SEO agency in Sheffield as a content strategist. Capitalised on the wealth of experience there and began to expand my knowledge of linkbuilding. Also wrote my legendary piece of content, “how to bond with your horse”. True story.

  • February 2016

    Become manager of the Outreach Department. In charge of the linkbuilding strategy and quality of links achieved by my department.

  • March 2018

    Hearts broke everywhere as I left the SEO Agency world (still on great terms) to set up on my own.

  • April 2018

    Pick up my first multi-million turnover client.

"Danny has brought a fresh thinking and energy to our agency. "

Dave Greasley, Side-Side Creative