Understandable SEO Campaigns

Whether it’s technical on-site work or keyword research, content for your website or content designed for exposure – I’ll leave you in no doubt of it’s value to your SEO goals.

SEO is more than one thing, and it takes skill no doubt – but it’s almost certainly less complicated than you have read about. I actually have a theory that bad SEO agencies try and make it sound as confusing as possible -it shouldn’t be hard to see why.

Einstein once said “If you couldn’t explain it to a 6-year-old, then you probably don’t understand it yourself” – who am I to argue.

Having talked SEO with businesses who have previously been burned, or with SEO’s themselves, I find myself doubting that they could do it. It’s hard to explain it simply when you don’t really understand why you are doing something, and why it works.

Whether we work together or not, I think these words will serve you well when selecting any digital partnership.

The main thread of my SEO process

Understanding Your Business

I’ll talk to you, not at you. I see this as more of a partnership than anything else. Who are your customers, what would they really search, what language do they use. What side of your business do you even want to grow? I need this information to build a campaign that works. It might sound daft, but this isn’t always the norm in my industry.

Using Your Expertise

You know more about your industry that I ever could. So instead of pretending I could, I’ll use your expertise to drive the content, especially the content on your website. Google loves genuine expertise, so I’ll write the content and tailor it for conversions, and you’ll give me all of the expertise I need to accomplish it.

Adapting and Improving

I wish it wasn’t true, but there’s always room for improvement in a campaign. Audiences will react better to a certain kind of copy, keywords will present themselves as if by magic and content ideas will develop over time. We’ll get it as right as we can at the start (and that will be enough) and then use what we learn along the way to give you a campaign richer in results (that means money).

Some the SEO services I can offer

On Page SEO

Those “technical” elements on your website will be taken care of. These are purely a list of best practices which help the search engines read and categorise your copy and services. Of course, this gives us a solid foundation to build from.


Links are mentions of your website on other websites. Some are easy to get, and some aren’t – and it’s those difficult ones that we need to get. Think of them as votes of confidence in your service, because that’s how Google sees them.


Content is really important. The right content about the right topics signals to Google that you know your stuff. Google aside, you’ll want to give the right answers to the visitors to your website – this will raise your bottom line instead of the competition.


This is the biggest chance for me to talk total bollocks. Instead, let’s just say that from your website to content to link-building to social, you’ll have a plan which makes sure all of them will move in the same direction. So foolproof actually, that you could take the plan elsewhere, or implement it amongst your existing team.


Or User Experience and Conversion Rate Optimisation. It’s about seeing the barriers people might have, and removing them, rather than forcing them where we might need them. If you’ve ever spent hours on youtube or Wikipedia like me, then you’ll know what I mean! If not then we need to talk!

Site Audits

You aren’t ready for a campaign and you want to get a headstart on some issues you can fix yourself. A website audit won’t make you serious money or give you serious traction, but it will point out what is wrong with your current website (SEO wise – I won’t judge it’s looks) and give you a list of these problems so you can fix them.

Ready To Talk?

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